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Cyber Essentials

EurotekNS can project manage, and ensure that you gain Cyber Essentials, and / or Cyber Essentials Plus.
Our service includes:

Scope of work:
• Finalisation of the Statement of Scope , and Applicability of project
• Conduct a full gap analysis against the Cyber Essentials, and / or Cyber Essential Plus standards.
• Produce gap analysis against core controls
• Highlight areas of significant risk exposure
• Identify “quick win” corrective actions that can be worked on to produce immediate compliance results
• Produce a priority roadmap (tracker), and indication of areas of expenditure to gain compliance and / or formal certification
• Provide initial advice on work required , and help develop outline project plans
• Advice on any additional procedures, policies and documentation required.
• Creation of evidence repository in support of certification application
• Engage with Certification Board to gain full certification


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