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ISO 27001 / 27002 Certification

Eurotek NS can conduct assessments to ensure your company’s compliance with these industry standards. We utilise established BSI and ISO standard guidelines and issue our customers observance certificates for proof of compliance, which is sometimes required by investors, board members, insurers, or customers.

Eurotek NS has a thorough understanding of the requirements of this standard, as well as the certification process. We can provide our clients with practical assistance to implement effective information security management procedures required for certification or alignment.

Specifically, we can assist you with:

 •Benchmarking: Assess your organisation against the standard.

•Scoping: Identify the feasibility, costs and timetable for implementation.
•Gap Analysis: Compare your existing program with the standard.
•Implementation: Design an improvement program to achieve compliance.
•Preparation: Assist in achieving formal certification.
•Auditing: Design an ongoing auditing program to remain compliant.
•Training: Security awareness for staff and training on the standard.


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